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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

September update


The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - it is a very nice movie. Great music, good sense of humor, handsome men, sweet romance, action and a spy vibe that I love. I definitely recommend it, especially for those that love James Bond or Mission Impossible type of movies.

No escape - The movie is about American Dwyer family in an unnamed Asian country that borders with Vietnam. They find themselves in the middle of a very violent coup where rebels mercilessly attack the city. Rebels attack anyone that do not support them but also they are hunting down foreigners. They fight against the government that allows the foreign corporation investments to take control over main resources of the country. Dwyer's are trying to survive and that is the only theme of the movie.
It was brutal and intense movie. It doesn't have much story or depth, therefore, I think it leaves a lot of space for personal interpretation. Some will find it xenophobic but I despite a lot of shortcomings of the movie found it interesting enough because it made me think about how our complex world runs. I do not recommend it.

Pawn Sacrifice - great movie about Bobby Fisher, his brilliance and his obsessions. It shows power and shortcomings of our mind. It shows a sacrifice and hard work behind success. I really liked it, and I highly recommend it.


The Martian by Andy Weir- it is amazing book and I am waiting like crazy person for the movie adaptation that is coming to theaters this November. This story is technical enough to satisfy nerds like me, but it is a wonderful story of a man with very strong will to survive and of course fantastic sense of humor. I loved it and I recommend it very very much!

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas - I read some negative reviews and I was a bit afraid that I will be disappointed but I am NOT!


I was probably not the only one who haven't slept whole night from 27th September to 28th September to see an eclipse.

I have tried to spend as much time in the garden as possible and enjoy the last warm days of this year. There is just nothing better than being surrounded by peaceful nature while reading a book or an article.

September it is also an Apple Pie time, so together with my mother in law we baked a pie from the apples from her garden. It turned out absolutely delicious.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thesis writing - sanity status

I was writing and writing and I got trapped...

My life, the real and beautiful world is just behind those thin walls around me, as thin as a cover of a comic Book but so impossible to get through them... is so unrealistic and time passes in a mysterious way...

Even if I somehow manage to teleport myself to the real world I seem to not fit in... 
Because of isolation my social skills seem outdated and almost everything I say seem awkward and inappropriate...
I find myself standing there saying something to people and hearing myself making meaningless burr of aaa yyyy ooo uuu

Amount of coffee and chocolate (and I am actually allergic to chocolate) I eat is difficult to comprehend and I strongly believe my skin has changed color to a bit more chocolatish or lets admit it to a boring grayish shade.

And all those crazy sick things I dream... I could write a Sci-Fi book if I only remembered them longer than those few seconds after waking up.
Basically the moment my brain creates a thought that it was a crazy dream my memory about it is gone or back to apparently some part of my brain that for reasons probably of sanity I am not allowed to access unless I sleep.

Anyway... I have one more month of this craziness :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

getting ready for Valentine's date - part 1

To not waist time for biking (1 h in my case) I have decided to stay home. I am writing my thesis so at least in theory it should be possible to do some work from home.

I woke up half past 6 am.
Drunk tea with honey to please my aching throat.
Cleaned a bit my apartment (I mean my one room thing with a kitchen that is super cheap and that is great because saving money is the priority) and gave a second to plan my evening look...

My hair is super-straight and long, and I wanted to do something cute-girly with them for today.
I of course opened youtube and watched some videos how to braid hair.
I am not sure how those ultimate girly-girls do it, but it is not as easy to braid hair around your head as it might seem...

Anyway, I have tried twice (that is how patient and dedicated I am...) and I think that braiding should be recommended as a type of arm workout, my muscles were in pain... 
I've actually managed to made a braid... 
first of all it seems like my hair are not cut well enough to sweetly fade into cute thin braid and I of course haven't succeed completely 

and what most important I do not have any enthusiasm left for this hairstyle as for today so I need new not-braid like idea. 

(Of course some competitive part of me thinks that I will be back to try again this braid-challenge... I know myself long enough to know that it is true but it won't be anytime soon...)

It is 10:30 am I have an idea for my hair but it demands small shopping...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

bike satire

Haven't been in Denmark for 2 years and I haven't biked a single mile during that time. I am out of biking shape and lets face the truth I was forced to rediscover that hate biking.

I bike around 1h everyday. It is my transportation. And no argument about being green or healthy matters to me. I think it really sucks.
My butt aches and I am pretty sure that if I won't go to the gym from time to time to train my butt, I will become super flat butt-ed girl, because I sit whole day!

I sit while studying and now my motion of the day is also while sitting.

I feel tired from that biking. I arrive sweaty to the university, bus drivers do not care and want to kill me on the road.
And if it rains... that generated so much hate and laziness that I honestly rather stay home, skip work, classes or a party than bike to the destination! If I bike for a half and hour in a rain I have a small rain between my hat and glasses, I hardly see and well I still have to bike the same hard path as on sunny day...

Wind is always in my face. Do not even let me start about that one...

My backpack is heavy and or it annoys me on my back or it makes controlling the bike more difficult when I set it into the basket.

Even in flat Denmark there is plenty of hills to hate.

The only reason I bike is not because I think it is trendy, or because I think it will save our planet, or because I think it is a great way of being active...
I bike because I am too poor to get a car! And well I do not have driving license, but even if I had I do not have money for a car, so it doesn't matter.

And it is not only me, I have very slow bike and I look on other people while biking and they hate it too.
When it rains the view is far away from happy healthy people on pretty bikes, happily biking through pretty happy city.

What I am saying is, the moment I have money I am going to pollute our planet with fumes from my car!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


My room has no air condition, I cannot really close the window and there is a big gap between floor and door... 

so it is very hot in my room, and any lizard can come in whenever it wants... 

Good that lizards that I came across until now are not dangerous at all, and because they eat insects they can actually be considered useful. 

I think they look cute and as long as they are not noisy I do not mind them, especially that they deadly afraid of me.

My little fly-eating roommate.


Here is one cute lizard at university... they just everywhere.
Lizard from motel I stayed in Langkawi.